Active Learning Handbook for English-Medium Classes



  • Introduction


  • Chapter 1: Culture Considerations


  • Chapter 2: Teaching and Classroom Management


  • Chapter 3: Incorporating Active Learning into Your Classroom



Todd Enslen

Since receiving his MATESOL degree from the University of Illinois in 1998, Todd has been teaching English at a variety of junior
colleges, universities and graduate schools in Japan. In 2010, he became a lecturer at Tohoku University where he teaches mainly required English reading and communication courses to firstand second-year students. However, his role at the university has steadily diversified.
Todd became a Research and Development Fellow in the Center for Professional Development in 2012 and, since that time, has been an advisor and mentor to new faculty and graduate students enrolled in the Center’s professional development programs. He also offers “Teaching in English” and “Active Learning” workshops for faculty. In recent years, Todd has also been giving similar workshops at various universities across Japan.
Todd’s main research interests are English for Specific Purposes and Pragmatics, or the way language is actually used and how that should change classroom pedagogy. In addition, Todd’s work with the Center for Professional Development has sparked his interest in how active learning strategies should be adapted to cultural contexts.

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