• Center for Career Support :CCS

Center for Career Support: CCS


(1) Improve career support for all undergraduates and graduates, support students of Tohoku University to go out into the world based on what they learned at university, develop throughout their lives and contribute to society.

(2) Conduct information gathering, surveys and research on career-path selection such as employment trends, situation and career development of university graduates, then utilizing them in various career and employment support.

(3) Support students to appropriately select their career-paths through consultation with individual students.

(4) Strengthen collaboration with the Center for Counseling and Disability Services, the Global Learning Center, and other departments, encourage information sharing, and improve the career support capacity across the world of Tohoku University.


(1) Improve and enhance education during the regular course of study as career education. From undergraduate education through to postgraduate education, respond to the turning points of students’ growth and development, and improve education during the regular course of study in order to provide opportunities to establish their own career design.

(2) Improve and enhance career support as extracurricular education in cooperation with other departments. Emphasizing individual support such as career and placement consultation in response to development issues of individual students, plan and implement career and employment guidance, career support seminars, courses to study jobs in respective industries, career and employment fairs, and other events to improve exit support for students.

(3) Develop and implement programs that enable students to appropriately carry out selection, transfer, and adaptation from faculties to graduate schools in cooperation with graduate schools.

(4) Expand and promote innovation and emergence cram schools mainly for doctoral course students, while developing and implementing a wide-range of career support programs for doctoral degree holders who are in demand from society.

(5) Improve the provision of information on career-path selection. Develop a one-stop support system (support environment) that provides equal access to career-path and employment information to students at all campuses.

(6) Improve professional knowledge of career support, and emphasize professional development to increase capabilities, particularly of those in charge of career support.

Academic Staff


Professor (School of Economics and Management)


Vice Director

Professor (School of Science)


Vice Director

Associate Professor

Toshiyuki Inomata (Educational Sociology)

  Specially Appointed Visiting Professor Shuzo Kato
  Specially Appointed Visiting Professor Seishi Kudo
(Biophysics, Applied Physics)
  Specially Appointed Visiting Professor Ryuta MASUZAWA

Associate Professor

Osamu Takahashi
(Theory of Human Resource Management)


Appointed Associate Professor

Yukiko MONMA(Human resource development)


Appointed Associate Professor

Kyoko TOMITA(Career Development)


[Kawauchi District]

41 Kawauchi, Aoba-ku, Sendai 980-8576 Japan

[Aobayama District]

13F Engineering Laboratory Complex Building, 6-6 Aoba, Aramaki, Aoba-ku, Sendai 980-8578 Japan



General Manager, Education and Student Support Department :

-Planning and Operation of Student Employment, Career Support Office (Kawauchi District)
 TEL:022-795-7770(DI)  FAX:022-795-7821  E- mail:career-jimu[at]grp.tohoku.ac.jp  ※[at]→@

-Innovative Leaders Platform (ILP) Unit Office (Aobayama District)
 TEL:022-795-3231(DI)  FAX:022-795-3232  E-mail:high-ca[at]grp.tohoku.ac.jp  ※[at]→@