Section of Admissions


The Section of Admissions carries out general research on university admission exams as well as practical surveys and research aimed specifically at Tohoku University’s admission exams (e.g., follow-up surveys, study of entrance-exam methods and evaluation), with a view to studying and developing methods of improvement.


The Section of Admissions began as the Tohoku University Admission Research Center, established as the section in charge of the AO exam that began in the academic year 2000 as the first such exam at a national university. It has functioned as a think-tank backing up Tohoku University’s entrance exams from a research perspective as a specialist admissions organization, while also being responsible for research and development, conducting admission exams, and public-relations activities for AO exams and special admission methods such as recommendation-based admissions.


The Admission Research Center was reorganized in October 2004, with its R&D function transferred to the Section of Admissions, Division of Research in Higher Education in the Center for the Advancement of Higher Education, while the Tohoku University Admission Center, established in April 2005 as a business organization, took charge of planning, public relations, and implementation of entrance exams. Together with these organizational changes, its scope of responsibility expanded to include all aspects of entrance exams including general admission exams and graduate school entrance exams, not only AO exams and admission by recommendation.

Section of Admissions

Section of Admissions

Briefing session on entering college, 2010

Initiatives of Research and Educational Activities

This section carries out the following activities integrally with the Admission Center as a business center. The items indicated under each activity are the examples in FY2013.


1. Surveys and research on the improvement of admission exams of Tohoku University

(1) Research on and implementation of Tohoku University’s follow-up surveys

(2) Questionnaires to new students on open campus, AO exams, and public-relations on admission exams

(3) Review and announcement of the FY2015 and FY2016 admission exams in accordance with the new guidelines

(4) Questionnaires to those who passed the general admission exams but did not complete registration with our university

(5) Review of the notices of general admission exam results

(6) Review of the application qualifications for the admission exams for returnees and privately financed international students

(7) Revision of admissions policy


2. Research on all aspects of entrance exams

(1) Surveys and research on admission exam design for nursing universities (Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research)

(2) Research on diversification of admission exams and guarantees of academic ability in East Asia (Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research)


3. Public-relations on admission exams and planning and implementation of connections between high school and university

(1) Planning and preparation of the “University Guide”

(2) Planning and implementation of open campus

(3) Implementation of and participation in various information sessions on admission exams

(4) Projects for high school visits and connections between high school and university (outreach programs)


4. Planning, consultation, and implementation of AO exams and general admission exams

(1) Group discussions for AO exams

(2) Faculty/Department consultation

(3) Duties to be implemented for each admission exam and selection (National Center Test for University Admissions, general admission exams, AO exams, etc.)

Chair of Section


Tomohiro Miyamoto
(Educational psychology)



Naoki Kuramoto
(Educational psychology)


Senior Assistant Professor

Mariko ONO
(Higher Education Theory)


Assistant Professor

Ruyu LIN
(Humanities ・Social Sciences / Educational Psychology)


28, Kawauchi, Aobaku, Sendai, 980-8576, Japan

(Admission Center)