Section of International Education


This section promotes research and educational activities to support the “development of leading human resources to lead international society”, which is considered a strategy for the internationalization of education at our university.


For the purpose of further promoting the internationalization of education at our university, which has been rapidly developed through the Global 30 “Project for Establishing University Network for Internationalization,” the Project for Promotion of Global Human Resource Development titled “Support for Global Human Resource Development to Lead the Development of Economic Society,” and other projects. Both research activities on global human resource development, including international education, intercultural education, measures for internationalization of higher education, multicultural coexistence, support for international students, education on international careers, cross-cultural adaptation, language education, and educational activities such as the development and practice of overseas dispatch, international student acceptance programs, development and improvement of international education curricula and joint training subjects for international and Japanese students, enhancement of education and support for international students including Japanese students, are assumed as key methods to develop a wide range of activities.


This section also promotes interaction and circulation between research and education, between theory and practice, through centered research based on various educational practices that are implemented by the Global Learning Center and the Center for Culture and Language Education in order to promptly reflect research results in education improvement and policy recommendations.

Initiatives of Research and Educational Activities

Research activities

Research centering on intercultural education such as analyses and verification of education effects of the classes where international and Japanese students learn together (joint training subjects for international and Japanese students), development of teaching methods (including learning environment, educational intervention, theme settings, and educational material development), and verifying their effect from the perspective of multicultural coexistence.


Research focusing on studying abroad and support of preparation for study such as the educational effects of studying abroad, effect of training before and after studying abroad, and analyses of advising on studying abroad.

Research including surveys on university life of international students and cross-cultural adaptation and research on the actual situation of international students for the purpose of improving education quality of the acceptance programs.


Research on the career paths, career education, and employment support for international students, the training, recruitment, and utilization of global human resources at enterprises and institutions. 


Development of Japanese language educational materials aimed at nurturing “interaction ability” including “social culture” and “social language” based on the theory of “interaction education” which emphasizes the approach of language education developed from Japanese language education for international students, particularly the contact scenes and situations where they actually “use” Japanese.


Development of guidelines and guidebooks for crisis management and responses during the time of natural disasters based on surveys of actual situations of international students and interviews with staff and faculty members who were in charge of international education support after the Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster.


Educational activities

Implementation of joint training subjects for international and Japanese students on various liberal education subject themes (such as PBL, international current topics, international understanding, multicultural coexistence, critical thinking, Japanese culture, and local community cooperation).


Management and implementation of international exchange programs (science course and liberal arts course, English and Japanese, graduate schools, and research-focused).


Implementation of preparatory education to promote studying abroad packaged as liberal education subjects.


Implementation of global career seminars on liberal education subjects in order to help students envision studying abroad and their careers afterwards with a clearer sense of purpose.


Development and management of short-term overseas training titled “Study Abroad Program.”


Program development to enhance students’ ability to take action in cooperation with enterprises and local communities.


Management and administration of Tohoku University Global Leader Program (TGL).


Education support such as TGL academic advising, advising on studying abroad, advising on careers, advising international students, and advising on language learning.)


Chair of Section    


Kazuko Suematsu
(Intercultural Pedagogy)



Yoshitaka Kasukabe
(Particle-Beam Materials Engineering)



Yumiko Watanabe
(Earth Science, Astrobiology)


Associate Professor

(Social Pedagogy)


Associate Professor

Rumi Watanabe
(Intercultural Education, International Education)

  Associate Professor

Yuki Watabe
(Comparative and International Education)

  Associate Professor

(Higher Education, Internationalization of Higher Education)


Appointed Associate Professor

Derrick MOTT
(Materials science and nanotechnology)


Appointed Associate Professor

Takeshi KOIKE
(Physics, Nuclear physics)


Senior Assistant Professor

(Intercultural Education, International Comparative Higher Education)

  Appointed Assistant Professor

(Higher Education, Internationalization of Higher Education )