Section of Student Career Support


The Section of Student Career Support is based on the Section of Career Designing Services that was established in the Division of Student Affairs, Center for the Advancement of Higher Education in 2006. In 2014, it was recreated as a section of the Division of Higher Education when the Institute for Excellence in Higher Education was established.


As our social and economic environment undergoes change, the career paths that students desire are growing more complex. In light of such circumstances, this section carries out surveys, research, and program development related to careers and support for career development. The aim is to further enhance and develop various support schemes for students’ career development.

From an educational viewpoint, it provides not only career education classes as part of liberal education in the regular course of study but also various career planning and placement support programs, individual counseling, and other activities for students across the entire university outside of their regular course of study. It continuously utilizes the results of surveys, research, and program development to improve these educational activities.


In addition, by planning and implementing in cooperation with each department a program which utilizes the characteristics of each department’s education and career path, it strives to develop an environment providing equal access to career-path and employment information to students at all campuses.