• Center for Service Learning and Extracurricular Activities: CSLEA

Center for Service Learning and Extracurricular Activities: CSLEA


Aiming at fostering sociability of our university students while developing leadership human resources with active problem-solving ability, this center contributes to students’ physical and mental health promotion through carrying out social contribution-based hands-on learning, as well as comprehensively supporting our students’ proactive extracurricular and volunteer activities.


(1) Comprehensive support for cultural, sport, and volunteer activities as well as proactive extracurricular activities by our university students.

(2) Planning and implementation of social contribution-based hands-on learning (service learning) in order to foster human resources that can contribute to the reconstruction of the Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster affected areas and to local and international communities.

(3) Promotion of exchange and collaboration with universities within and outside of Japan concerning extracurricular and volunteer activities.

Academic Staff



Chihiro ITO(Psychiatry)

Vice Director

Center for Data-driven Science and Artificial Intelligence, Professor(Concurrent Member)

Yoshinori HAYAKAWA (Data informatics)

  Appointed Assistant Professor

Hisashi MATSUBARA(Disaster Sociology, Community Studies)

  Appointed Assistant Professor

Yu TAKAHASHI(NPO, Community Business)


41 Kawauchi, Aoba-ku, Sendai 980-8576 Japan



Student Service Division:

-Support Planning Section (Volunteer Service related)

 TEL:022-795-7818(DI) FAX:022-795-7771 E-mail:sta-gaku[at]grp.tohoku.ac.jp  ※[at]→@

-Activity Support Section (After School Activities related)

 TEL:022-795-3983(DI) FAX:022-795-7771 E-mail:sta-kagai[at]grp.tohoku.ac.jp  ※[at]→@