• Center for Professional Development:CPD

Center for Professional Development:CPD


(1) Contribute to the advancement of university education reform throughout Japan through conducting surveys and research to further the development of university education content and methods, developing the capabilities of staff and faculty members through international collaboration, developing programs based on those results, and actively disseminating the results on and off campus as a Joint Educational Development Center.

(2) Contribute to the advancement of education reform of the entire university, through developing inquiry-based learning and interdisciplinary programs in cooperation with the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies and Education, and implementing various professional development activities in cooperation with the research and education departments and staff and faculty members within the university as well as the centers including the Center for Culture and Language Education and the Global Learning Center.

(3) Contribute to improving education management through developing and providing faculty development programs for staff and faculty members who are responsible for education management.


(1) Advance surveys and research into the career development of university staff and faculty members as well as into the methods and content of university education in order to increase the effects of learning, while fostering educated and professional human resources.

(2) Develop and provide various professional development programs according to the career stages of faculty members.

(3) Develop and provide “Preparation for Future Faculty” programs for graduate school students who aim to become academics, through international collaboration.

(4) Implement education management programs to train education management leaders (certification programs)

(5) Create various activities and an organizational culture for professional development in cooperation with respective operational centers, departments, staff and faculty members within the university.

(6) Implement work related to joint educational development concerning the Institute for Excellence in Higher Education.

Academic Staff

Director Professor Tomonori NOCHI(Graduate School of Agricultural Science)
Vice Director Associate Professor

Osamu Tomura
(History of Higher Education, Sociology of Education)

Vice Director Associate Professor

(Cognitive Psychology,Science Technology and Society)


Fujio Ohmori
(Sociology of Education , Education Policy ,
and Higher Education)

Concurrent Member Professor

Kazuhiro Sugimoto(Comparative Education)


41 Kawauchi, Aoba-ku, Sendai 980-8576 Japan



Institute for Excellence in Higher Education:

Center for Professional Development (CPD) Staff

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