• Admission Center:AC

Admission Center: AC


In cooperation with various admission-related committees throughout the entire university, not only implement mid and long-term planning, and improvement review of our university’s admission exams, but also play a central role in admission operations including the National Center Test for University Admission and general admission exams, the planning and implementation of public-relations around admission exams, and the project to connect high school and university. Through these activities, contribute to securing excellent students who qualify for our admission policy.


(1) Mid and long-term planning and improvement review of our university admission exams (review at the planning and public-relations committee on admission exams, survey and research admission exams of our university and compare those within and outside of Japan, follow-up surveys, questionnaires for examinees and new students, provision of admission exam information, advice to and consultation with other departments, and cooperation and information exchange with external organizations such as the Japan Association of National Universities and the National Center for University Entrance Examinations, other universities, and high schools).

(2) Implementation of selection of entrants (members of the admission exams headquarters and committee)

(3) Public-relations activities on admission exams (holding briefing sessions for high school students, teachers, and parents, participating in briefing sessions and consultation meetings hosted by high schools, visiting high schools and holding discussion meetings with high school teachers, providing information on admission exams through brochures and websites, and providing information within the university)

(4) The project to connect high school and university (holding fora, planning and supporting faculties’ outreach programs and catering classes, as well as planning, implementing and supporting the entire university for open campus).

Academic Staff


Associate Executive Vice President (for Entrance Exam) /
Professor, Department of Earth Science
Hiroyuki Nagahama (Structural Geology)

Vice Director


Tomohiro Miyamoto
(Educational psychology)


Professor Naoki Kuramoto
(Educational psychology)
  Appointed Professor

Hiroki ISHII
(Mathematics education)

  Appointed Professor

Noriyoshi KATO
(Science education)

  Appointed Professor

Shinichi HATANO
(English education)

  Appointed Professor

Kazumichi KOMAGATA
(National language education)

  Appointed Professor

Takako HATA
(Science education)

  Appointed Professor

Nozomi MITO
(Science Education)

  Associate Professor

Ruyu LIN
(Humanities ・Social Sciences / Educational Psychology)


28 Kawauchi, Aoba-ku, Sendai 980-8576 Japan



General Manager, Education and Student Support Department :

Admission Division, Admission Planning and Inquiry Section

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