• Student Health Care Center : SHCC

Student Health Care Center: SHCC


This center aims at carrying out health education of students while maintaining and promoting their health at our university, as well as providing specialized services related to health administration, and conducting specialized surveys and research on health administration.


This center implements the following duties related to students’ health administration.

(1) Planning and design of health services execution

(2) Specialized surveys and research on health administration

(3) Specialized services related to health education

(4) Health examination and follow-up treatment

(5) Heath consultation, counseling, and first-aid treatment at five infirmaries (Kawauchi, Katahira, Seiryo, Aobayama, and Amamiya districts)

(6) Guidance and help concerning environmental hygiene measures and infectious disease prevention on campus

(7) Other specialized services required for health maintenance and promotion.

Academic Staff



Yoshitaka Kinouchi (Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology)

Vice Director Professor

Chihiro Ito (Psychiatry)

  Associate Professor

Shunsuke TATEBE (Internal Medicine and Cardiovascular Medicine)

  Associate Professor

Jun INOUE(Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology)

  Assistant Professor

Hiroki Kita (Dentistry and Health Informatics)

  Assistant Professor

Saori Yamamoto (Internal Medicine and Cardiovascular Medicine)

  Assistant Professor

Masashi Ninomiya

  Assistant Professor

Daisuke DOUCHI (Gastrointestinal Surgery and Stem cell)

  Assistant Professor

Muneyuki MATSUMURA(surgery)


41 Kawauchi, Aoba-ku, Sendai 980-8576 Japan



Health Care Center:

-Health Administration & Consultation

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