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Overview of the Institute

In April 2014, Tohoku University established the new Institute for Excellence in Higher Education (IEHE), integrating the Center for the Advancement of Higher Education, the Center for International Exchange, the Institute for International Education, the Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and the Innovative Leaders Platform. Placing the Institute as a collaborative education and research facility within the university in order to contribute to the improvement in the quality of education, as well as to integrate the conduct of surveys and research, development, planning, recommendations, and implementation of higher liberal arts and sciences education as well as student support, Tohoku University designed and founded the Institute as an innovative and challenging organization, unprecedented both within and outside Japan.


This institute plays a comprehensive role in implementing connections between high school and university, admission exams, developing and promoting liberal education, promoting internationalization of higher education, student counseling and support, health management and guidance, as well as research and development of higher education. Based on evaluation analyses of these outcomes, it then implements various professional development activities aimed at quality improvement. In addition, it aims to establish a new model of higher education through integrating the programs with organizations that embrace the high potential of promoting higher education. Furthermore, as the core of establishing a model for higher education is to pursue excellence and diversity, it aims to not only develop and provide higher liberal arts and sciences education as a pillar of excellence in education but also to develop and implement student support to meet the needs of our various students as a pillar of diversity. Please expect the Institute for Excellence in Higher Education (IEHE), Tohoku University to become a driving force for innovation in higher education in the future.


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